Shipment tracking: All information about the delivery

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Shipment tracking

You can find specific details/information about your parcel service provider here.
You can support us:

  • Have you already received part of your order? Please be patient - we will do our best to ensure that all your packages arrive as quickly as possible.
  • If the tracking information indicates that your shipment has stalled for over 7 days minimum, or the delivery location is unknown, request an investigation under the tracking information.

Current status of your order

Delivery FAQs

  • When will the delivery take place?

    Your order will be delivered by DHL or UPS within 2-4 working days if the goods are available.

    For deliveries by the forwarding agency, the delivery time is approx. 4-8 working days. Delivery may be delayed by one working day if there is a Sunday or public holiday between the order and delivery. In the case of shipping by a forwarding agent, delivery will be made to the kerbside. Unfortunately, the driver cannot transport the goods to your home.

  • My delivery is incomplete!
  • I have a notification in my letterbox. Why didn't the delivery person ring the bell?
  • I would like to change the delivery date/address
  • Will the forwarding agent bring the delivery to my home?
  • When will the forwarding agent make delivery?
  • The forwarding agent didn't show up today. Now what?
  • What do I do with the palette the forwarding agent used for my delivery?
  • The box is damaged, perhaps also the contents?
  • The contents of the package are damaged although the package appears to be OK.
  • I have the tracking number - but there is no status yet?