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Verkaufsförderung für Unternehmen

Logo - TESS [SVG]

Endless music streaming for Hotels, Malls and more

Together with our partner iTerra, we developed the Teufel Enterprise Streaming Solution in Berlin. TESS is a scalable music streaming system with the potential to control an endless number of fully active Teufel streaming loudspeakers. We focused on outstanding sound experience with our hi-fi speakers and easy operation. TESS is a professional sound system for hotels, malls and huge business premises but with all the comforts of home sound.

Overview of the features

  • Powerful audio management via a single small, energy-efficient server
  • Control and operation via one browser that is suitable for all operating systems
  • Currently up to 8 different sound sources can be played simultaneously
  • Loudspeakers can be controlled individually or in groups, altering music or volume
  • No amplifiers are required, as we use space-saving active loudspeakers
  • Ethernet ensures reliable connection for software updates via remote maintenance
B2B - TESS - Gebäude Querschnitt
B2B - TESS - Software Zeichenfläche
  Music source A
  Music source B
  Music source C
  Music source D
  Music off

Give each room an individual sound or make multiple changes for each floor. You can group rooms together, adjust volumes and sources, as well as much more.

Loudspeakers with impressive sound

Not only do you have a selection of active speakers to choose from, you can also be certain of their quality. Teufel streaming loudspeakers are multi-award-winning products.

Teufel Streaming

Contact us for more information, product demonstrations or to talk non-binding offers. 


Motivieren garantiert: Unsere prämierten Teufel Produkte

Our top  incentives

Teufel is through and through Berliner. With the exclusive incentives you can gift the unique sound and lifestyle from the city of Berlin. So you will always find the right note.

Teufel AIRY
Teufel AIRY weiß Kopfhoerer

BOOMSTER GO - blue - Set
BOOMSTER GO - red orange - Lifestyle 1

BOOMSTER Bluetooth
Teufel BOOMSTER Bluetooth DAB

Bluetooth Kopfhörer AIRY Teufel Aufstellungsmöglichkeit


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