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Kombo [Stageteaser]

An overview of our Kombo series: Stereo sets for every room & budget

Perfect harmony

Stereo systems from Teufel

Teufel Audio offers a range of all-in-one stereo systems under the name “Kombo”. As with all Teufel products, Kombo systems offer the very best sound quality. Each set consists of hi-fi speakers combined with a perfectly matched receiver. This means you won’t need to purchase any other devices to enjoy gorgeous stereo sound in your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

With bookshelf speakers

Kombo 11, Ultima 20 Kombo and Kombo 42

With subwoofer

Our Power Editions

With network player

Ultima 20 Kombo Streaming

With tower speakers

Ultima 40 Kombo and Kombo 500

The receiver

Kombo 62 CD receiver

Product reviews

Tested and recommended

Teufel’s current Kombo range

Kombo 500

The newest member of Teufel’s Kombo series is the Kombo 500. Together with a powerful 200-watt stereo CD receiver, the newly redesigned Theater 500 tower speakers offer everything you need to enjoy the first-class sound. The Theater 500’s bi-wired 3-way driver arrangement with two high-performance bass woofers per speaker delivers impressive sound in rooms up to 50m². The Kombo 500 is the perfect set for those who want single-purchase stereo sound without compromise.

Kombo 62

The Kombo 62 high-performance stereo CD receiver is available with many Teufel stereo bundles. The receiver offers a range of features including Bluetooth, NFC, DAB+ digital radio and a CD/MPM3 player – all within an attractive aluminium enclosure with a brushed aluminium front. Along with the new Kombo 500, Teufel offers the Kombo 62 stereo CD receiver as a set with the Ultima 40 tower speakers, known simply as the Kombo 62. The Kombo 62 is also available as the Kombo 62 Power Edition, a set that consists of the Ultima 40 tower speakers and a subwoofer with 200 mm woofer.

Kombo 42 BT compact stereo system

The Teufel webshop currently offers two compact systems in its Kombo stereo range: The Kombo 42 BT and the Kombo 22. The Kombo 42 BT comes with a small but mighty 80-watt CD/MP3 receiver with radio and a Bluetooth dongle for easy streaming. It’s possible to save up to 40 stations on the radio while Bluetooth gives the user access to a near-infinite selection of music via smartphone, tablet or another source device. The set comes with the Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers, the smaller version of the Ultima 40, and can fill rooms up to 25m² with hi-fi sound.

Kombo 22 compact stereo system

Teufel’s other compact set in the Kombo series is the Kombo 22. This all-in-one stereo set comes with a 60-watt CD/MP3 receiver and the VT11 2-way bookshelf speakers, exclusively available in this bundle. This smallest of Teufel’s stereo sets is perfect for rooms up to 20m².

Hi-fi made easy

A common thread runs through the Kombo series: They contain everything you need to enjoy the pure stereophonic sound. Each set contains a receiver with integrated tuner, a CD player, countless connection possibilities for a variety of sources, a remote control, Bluetooth, DAB+ digital radio and, naturally, a pair of Teufel stereo speakers!

Each set was designed to give the user maximum flexibility. In addition to a USB port, the receiver offers up to 5 additional connections for DVD players, cassette decks and televisions.

Of course, the sonic foundation of each Kombo set is the stereo speakers. From the compact Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers to the Ultima 40 and Theater 500 towers, Teufel audio technology guarantees the very best sound.

Stereo systems from Teufel Audio

If you’re looking for a compact stereo system that’s easy to set up, is fairly priced and offers great sound, check out the Teufel online shop. Here you’ll find complete sets for every room size and listening preference. All sets come with an 8 week right of return.

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