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A Berlin success story:
40 years of Teufel Audio


In 2023, Teufel also cut a new path. The REAL BLUE PRO, our first set of premium headphones come equipped with Mimi Sound Personalization to compensate for hearing loss. The ROCKSTER AIR 2 brought a new model of Bluetooth speaker to the starting line. And speaking of starting lines, its expanded feature set, improved sound and longer runtime mean the new top seller's success story is only just beginning. But enough about that: a wide range of in-ear headphones also received an upgrade, the MOTIV® GO VOICE was released for voice assistance, and the EFFEKT 2 rear speakers emerged with smart components. Teufel then capped off the year with the MOTIV® HOME and the ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE - our active speakers with a truly endless range of possibilities.


Sound for the next level

Gaming is more popular than ever before, and Teufel is along for the ride. That’s why we’re expanding our headphone portfolio with the CAGE ONE and the ZOLA – to bring our mind-blowing and immersive sound to the world of gaming. Together with our partners, we created perfectly matched bundles to level up your gaming sound. But that’s not all the exciting news – our new DJ sets bring Teufel’s legendary sound to nightclubs, and our optimized customer guidance system makes finding the right product in our webshop even faster.


A new store in Vienna

Due to the great popularity of our previous Teufel store in Vienna, we are opening a new, bigger and better location directly in the city centre at Mariahilfer Straße 119. And this store has it all, such as several listening stations for stereo speakers, home cinema systems, streaming speakers, headphones and soundbars. Speaking of soundbars: We are launching the new edition of our legendary CINEBAR 11, which now comes with true surround sound - a first in this class.


Everything remains different.

This year, we were once again able to successfully expand our product portfolio. The AIRY TRUE WIRELESS combines state-of-the-art wireless technology with the legendary Teufel sound. The Alexa Speaker HOLIST brings smart home features in a timeless design to our customers. And, to top things off, Leipzig also has a Teufel store right in the city centre to look forward to.



40 Years Teufel: non-stop partygoers

We're celebrating 40 years of Teufel. And with it four successful decades in which Teufel has developed from an insider tip for sound enthusiasts to a leading brand in the industry. Just in time for our anniversary, we are ready to launch a new product offensive. A special highlight: Power HiFi - a powerful, modular loudspeaker system that brings a concert atmosphere home.

A life of loud design.

In a tight cooperation between Teufel Audio and Rosenthal, the porcelain manufacturers experts, the world’s first porcelain loudspeaker was created, the Teufel x Rosenthal. It combined the expertise of both partners to create a new speaker that was leap in both markets, both elegant in design and smooth sounding. A merger of the traditional porcelain creators and the know-how of wireless music streaming masters Teufel Audio.

Teufel von


Teufel Story - 2018 Store

Experience Teufel firsthand

Because we want to be even closer to our fans, we opened new Teufel Stores in major cities - with our own cinemas and listening rooms. Just bring your favourite movie or album and test it on Teufel speakers. Our experts will explain all the features and give you detailed advice.

With Dynamore® we made sound round.

The Radio 3 Sixty was the first product that we incorporated the Dynamore ® technology, which was developed in Berlin. Making a heavy sound possible in a small design. The virtual surround sound technology will be improved with the Dynamore ® and Dynamore ® Ultra.

Teufel Story - 2018 Radio


Teufel Raumfeld Streaming

Streaming success - Teufel streams on

The new Teufel Streaming series is launched. The speakers incorporate our renowned Raumfeld technology, which has previously won several awards. The extensive portfolio is already setting new streaming standards with excellent sound and clever additional features.


Good sound comes from above - Teufel and Dolby Atmos

Teufel becomes the first audio company to deliver Dolby Atmos licensed column speakers in 2016. The LT 5 Atmos was developed in close collaboration with Dolby and quickly established itself as a simple solution for immersive and high definition sound for home cinema systems.

Heimkino Säulenlautsprecher LT 5 von Teufel L Schwarz
Das Verfahren weist jedem Lautsprecher ein individuelles Signal zu. Ein beeindruckend realitätsnahes Sounderlebnis erreichen nach oben strahlenden Lautsprecher, deren Schallwellen an der Decke reflektieren und so wieder zum Hörer gelangen.


Bluetooth ROCKSTER DJ von Teufel

Teufel takes it to the next level

Teufel responds to fan feedback and delivers the largest portable Bluetooth in the world. With a power output of 122 dB, 2 Bluetooth inputs and a behemoth 34 kg weight, this sound system should come with insurance against noise pollution. The sound powerhouse was baptised on our very own party machine: the Thundertruck, which brings the sound of no less than 8 Rocksters to the streets and major festivals.

It's a win-win situation - Teufel goes B2B

The establishment of the B2B department quickly proved to be a success. Teufel looks forward to partnerships with Lufthansa, Heineken and Netflix, to name but a few.


Even closer to its fans - the Teufel Raumfeld Flagship Store

Teufel steps into the limelight and moves from its office in Schöneberg into the heart of Berlin's west-end. The new offices are located in the renovated, listed concept mall "Bikini Berlin" in Charlottenburg. At the same time, the first Teufel flagship store opens in the mall. Visitors can experience the whole world of Teufel with several elaborate listening rooms and projection cinemas as well as glass laboratories, in the very same space where David Bowie and Iggy Pop once celebrated in the West Berlin club "Linientreu".



Logo - Raumfeld

More is never enough – Teufel seeks out new partnerships and enters the Chinese market

The popularity of the Teufel brand and its German origin is very well received in China, which prompted the company to enter the Chinese market. This began with the sale of high-performance THX systems.


Teufel goes international

Lautsprecher Teufel started out 2011 with new online shops in the UK and the Netherlands under the name "Teufel Audio." By this time, the company had grown to over 130 employees including a new international team in charge of bringing Teufel’s brand message of making high-quality loudspeakers at the best possible prices to new markets.

Teufel Teufel-Team



Perfect partners: Teufel and Raumfeld

Teufel celebrated its 30 year anniversary and marked the occasion by presenting the Ultima 800: Sophisticated floor-standing speakers geared towards hard-to-please audiophiles at Teufel’s usual unbeatable price. 2010 was also the year Teufel expanded its product portfolio to include the multi-room streaming system, Raumfeld – an audio trend with incredible future potential!


Teufel expands its range and becomes Europe's largest audio direct seller

This was the year Teufel entered the PC and multi-media market with the Concept C. The new system was a runaway success and led to Teufel’s “Concept” line of PC speakers. Another new product line was also introduced at this time, the LT series of elegant aluminium column speakers starting with the LT 3. This incredibly busy year also saw the introduction of the new System 6 – the first Teufel system with a flat membrane driver. With these successful new models, Teufel grew into Europe’s largest direct seller of audio systems.

Teufel Lautsprecher



Teufel's first webshop

Teufel established its first webshop in 1997. This allowed the company to reach many more audio fans than through a catalogue alone. Teufel's direct sales model led to increased customer contact. The feedback was directly translated into the company’s most popular policies: An 8 week at-home trial without obligation and a 12 year guarantee on loudspeakers. The current website caters to the needs of all audio enthusiasts. Detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, extensive product specs, test reports and customer reviews accompany each product. A range of payment and shipping options ensures that every customer enjoys the perfect shopping experience to accompany the perfect stereo, home cinema, multi-media, streaming or portable system.


Home cinema pioneers

In 1995 - the same year DVDs first appeared on the market - Teufel introduced the Theater 2, the first Dolby certified home cinema surround system. In 1996, Teufel began selling its first THX certified home cinema system, the Theater 8. At the present time, Teufel is the leader in THX licensed home cinema systems in Europe.

Theater 2 - Ahorn


Teufel Microlautsprecher Concept M 300

An innovative business model

Teufel changed its business model from a specialty store for DIY and ready made speakers to direct sales via catalogue. This decision gave Teufel a big competitive advantage: Not having a store greatly reduced overhead costs which allowed the company to keep prices highly competitive. The move immediately translated into greater sales.



Teufel sells its first ready-made speakers

The success of Teufel’s DIY business led the company to branch out into ready-made loudspeakers at the same high level of quality and affordable prices. The new direction was a success: The two-channel system "Teufel M 200" was sold 20,000 up to times by 1996. Technical journals were also impressed. The August 1988 edition of HiFi Vision magazine commended the Teufel M 200 and M 6000 systems in the reference speaker category.



Teufel Story - 1985 Teufel Logo

Teufel's first online sale

Always quick to adopt new technologies, Teufel accepted its first order via email in 1985.


Berlin beginnings

Teufel was founded in 1979 as a dealer for loudspeaker DIY kits and components. With his high-quality and affordable DIY sets, Teufel founder Peter Tschimmel hit upon a highly successful business model that was right in tune with the times. In 1980, Tschimmel opened his first store in Berlin.