CAGE (2019)

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CAGE (2019)

Game Changer



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Cage (2019) - Set

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Testbericht Gaming PC null Headset CAGE

Why we love this product

Up your game with immersive HD sound. CAGE’s advanced audio technology lets you lose yourself in the action and localise your opponents with ease. The headset’s immersive realism not only rewrites the rules for gaming sound – music and movies are also experienced more vividly than ever before. CAGE’s echo cancelling technology also records speech in pristine sound quality for gaming voice chat and phone calls.

Testbericht Gaming PC null Headset CAGE

Key advantages at a glance

  • HD gaming headset with integrated USB sound card
  • Developed by Teufel acousticians in Berlin for the best sound in its class
  • 40mm linear HD drivers beautifully and accurately reproduce music and soundtracks
  • Two HD microphones use intelligent echo cancellation to record speech in crystal-clear sound quality
  • Immersive over-ear capsules guarantee long wearing comfort, even for glasses-wearers
  • Mixed Audio Play lets you listen to music from a smartphone and your console at the same time
  • Teufel 7.1 virtual surround sound ensures a thrilling, immersive experience
  • Handy features include: On-device controls, headset function for smartphones and individual sound settings
(4.38 of 5 out of 281)
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Master of Sound

Not only did our acousticians include the latest must-have features in our new gaming headset, CAGE comes equipped with incredible Teufel sound. No other gaming headset in this price class offers all of the following:

  • Enormous 40 mm linear HD drivers for balanced, highly natural playback
  • Extremely broad frequency spectrum for fulminating bass and a fine-resolution treble
  • Light and nimble driver design for excellent impulse fidelity
  • Large, over-ear immersion capsules for excellent noise isolation
PDS - CAGE - Klangmeister

Precision engineering

We wouldn’t be Teufel if we didn’t obsess over every detail. This includes perfectly balanced volume levels in each ear cup for a perfect stereo panorama, integrated air vents for comfort during longer gaming sessions and buttons with a unique haptic so that the headphones can be sightlessly controlled.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Entwicklung
"We started by taking a close look at what gamers need and how we could best meet these needs. In the end, we’re especially proud of CAGE’s acoustic performance. The sound is just amazing!”

Robert Schwarz, product developer at Teufel

HD sound from any source

CAGE connects directly to PCs and notebooks via USB cable. The headset’s integrated USB sound card is superior to the onboard chip in many PCs and notebooks so that lossless, noise-free playback is guaranteed. In addition, CAGE’s software offers sound settings for enhancing the bass or altering the user’s vocals. CAGE can also be connected to source devices via mini jack.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE
Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE

Lefty or righty?

The tip of the microphone arm is equipped with a microphone. A second is located just outside the ear capsule. This allows the system to analyze time interval differences between the uptake of speech from two different locations. This information is then used to process crystal clear transmission without background noise, echo or feedback. In addition, the use of special foam eliminates breathing sounds. Those who prefer having the microphone on the other side can simply reposition it.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE mit Headset
Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Mikrofon Links und rechts

Mixed Audio Play feature and headset function

CAGE makes it possible to play a game on your PlayStation or Xbox console while simultaneously listening to your smartphone. Both signals are blended into the playback through the system’s internal mixer. Meanwhile, freely skip or pause tracks as you normally would.

This function also works with calls so you won’t have to interrupt your game to stay in touch with friends and family.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Mixed Audio Play

Smart touch controls

All buttons and controls on the CAGE were designed to be easily navigated by touch:

Immerse yourself in the action

Authentic surround sound gaming soundtracks (e.g. "Overwatch" with Dolby Atmos for headphones) are losslessly transmitted to your CAGE for the optimal localization of opponents. In addition, it’s possible to enhance the immersion effect of PC games with Teufel’s 7.1 surround sound algorithm.

Teufel Gaming PC Kopfhörer Headset CAGE

High-end workmanship

The CAGE does justice to its name with sturdy ear cups supported by a metal aluminium frame. An adjustable headband fashioned from lightweight spring steel is both comfortable and durable. Generous padding on the ear cups and headband are perfect for longer gaming sessions.

A 1.3 meter mini jack cable as well as a 3 meter long USB cable are included with delivery.

Test the CAGE for up to 8 weeks.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Lieferumfang
Teufel Gaming PC Kopfhörer Headset CAGE 2
Teufel Gaming PC Kopfhörer Headset CAGE
Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Verarbeitung

Software update

We are constantly developing our CAGE headset.

Included components

  • 1× mic boom for CAGE
  • 1× Cable Mini-USB to USB for CAGE / CAGE
  • 1× Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable CAGE / CAGE
  • 1× CAGE (2019)
CAGE - Outline [SVG]


  • Teufel Gaming Over-Ear CAGE Headset

    CAGE (2019)

    HD gaming headset with integrated USB sound card.

    • Description Item
      Weight 0.32 kg
    • Description Item
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
      7.1 USB sound card Yes
      Speakerphone function Yes
    • Description Item
      Integrated DSP Yes
      Adjustable sound settings Yes
    • Description Item
      Miscellaneous 1.3 m mini jack cable 3 m USB cable
    • Description Item
      Suitable for AV receiver Yes
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure material Aluminium, synthetic, silicone
      Miscellaneous 40 mm Mylar drivers
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 86 dB
      Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz
      Impedance 32 Ohm

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.38 of 5 out of 281)
Good sound quality
Why only 4 out of 5? I'm sick of the red light. I haven't figured out if and how to turn it off yet. Otherwise, these are already good headphones, light on the skull, clean sound.
(automatically translated *)
You can already look forward to the Cage 2020
For this price is the Cage 2019, is for a gaming headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound and integrated sound card. Very good sound, no matter if you are playing games or music, you can get even more out of the clever features. Even if there are a few features, the setting is from Teufel Audio Center (TAC). Besides the volume setting also: Equalizer that switches on all the various presets and can be adjusted visually. Xear Surround Sound for virtual 7.1 to activate, but unfortunately two modifications settings "music and film" where you have to choose between three settings of room sizes, which influence the sound hard has which is better. Xear Dynamic Bass is a perfect setting only for certain games or music streaming sites, is rare The problem is that no matter how you adjust the settings, you can hardly hear any bass. But as I said before, this is rarely the case. But on the other hand, there are a few things that make these headphones the perfect choice. Hopefully with cage 2020 you can fine-tune every single feature, because for those who also use it for music production like I use it for the fl 12 I would like to have some more fine tuning for... I hope it will be possible in 2020, because then you will have the best headphones you can get for the price, whether for gamers, music lovers or movies like to watch over 7.1, only system can not afford... You don't have to say much about design, because Teufel stands not only for sound quality but also for design. You don't have to say much more, otherwise I'll write a lot of things I would have liked if you could have set the logo not only in red but maybe some rgb individually...
Fully satisfied
So here I expected a lot and got a lot. Sound is very good and equipment and software is not really better. The only drawback is that the microphone would have been a bit of a downside as it is with the new model. But you get used to it very quickly because you can bend it down.
Cage Headset
Unfortunately the microphone has a loose contact. It still gets four stars, because the service sent me a replacement immediately.
(automatically translated *)
I think the Cage has a very stylish design. The changing connection of the headset is very practical. I am satisfied with the audio quality. The headset is very, very, very, very quiet and I am not able to communicate with pleasure through it normally. Could you tell me if it's normal to be so quiet when you speak? Because the setting of my PC is on the highest level, but you can still hear me quietly through the microphone underground. Otherwise great device. Is gladly recommended
Good headphones
i'm really excited about my new headphones, the sound is really great and the noise-canceling properties of the headphones are absolutely outstanding. i had to struggle a bit with my system during setup and software installation, but that was done within ten minutes. as the only small suggestion for improvement in the future, i would recommend a different upper material for the ear pads. unfortunately i have had bad experiences with earpads with imitation leather cover in the past. After a while the coating simply peels off and you have these small snippets sticking all over your skin. If you would replace the material of the pads with suede, this would not prevent the wearing comfort and the fuzz, but would also lead to less sweating under the ear pads. In the future I will simply replace the ear pads myself, otherwise full recommendation from me for the headphones.
Sound good
Great headphones and headset are very satisfied.
(automatically translated *)
Great headset
Super sound in the game and for music, the only shortcoming is the connection of the USB cable, so you have to aim precisely.
(automatically translated *)
Very good headphones.
I preferred it over the 2020 model because it looks more classic/modern.
(automatically translated *)
Just what I was looking for.
The sound of the Cage is outstanding. The settings in the Teufel audio center require some practice, but the result, when you get it right, is excellent. The seating comfort of the listeners is excellent, even after long wearing there is hardly any sweat on the ears. The microphone is good and, for me, noise-free. Use the headset mainly on the Xbox and PC
* Automatically translated by DeepL