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ZOLA + Ornata + Basilisk

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Color: Light Grey/Grape/Aqua
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Why we love this product

High quality is important to us, which is why Teufel recommends selected partners such as Razer, for technically excellent interaction between all components. With this bundle, you can enjoy the best gaming time of your life. Match the colours of the components. Save big compared to buying them individually.

Key advantages at a glance

  • High-quality gaming bundle consisting of gaming headset ZOLA + ultra-flat, ergonomic, wired gaming keyboard Razer Ornata + top-of-the-range gaming mouse Razer Basilisk V3.
  • Visually and technically perfectly matched components for a high-quality gaming experience that is well worth seeing
  • Zola features DTS Headphone:X® 2.0 for immersive 7.1 binaural surround sound and virtual height information on PC - locate your opponents before you see them
  • Razer Ornata comes with mecha membrane switches for the crisp, clicky feedback of a mechanical switch with the familiar touch of a traditional keyboard - so every keystroke is comfortable and precise
  • Razer Basilisk V3 thrills with 11 programmable, easy-to-reach buttons for macros and secondary functions, including the famous multi-function button.

ZOLA your world

Put the headphones on and dive into another world. Thanks to their amazing fit, you'll quickly forget you're wearing them. The ZOLA offers the ultimate immersion, whether it's for sports, adventure, or action games.

Play with your colors

Choose from two basic ZOLA headset colors plus six color add-on sets to customize your ZOLA. You can also order additional sets to expand the color palette. The colors were selected from various user tests and offer a timeless, urban and fresh design.

Master your sound

Ultra-lightweight drivers with incredibly long throw that put even 50 mm drivers to shame and set a new standard in gaming headsets. Whatever the game, whatever the music, the ZOLA will blow you away.

Extremely long-throw driver for high volumes
Large coil for high power, which allows high volumes
Low-reflection design for well-balanced sound

Stay in the game with DTS Headphone:X® 2.0 Surround Sound

You can only experience perfect surround sound on your PC with DTS Headphone: X. Hear your opponents from behind, from the front, from the side, and from above. DTS also enhances pure stereo games and makes it easier to pinpoint individual sounds.

Do you read me? Loud and clear.

Many of our audio engineers are gamers. And they know how important it is for your voice to come through clearly. That's why the ZOLA headphones are fitted with the newest generation of HD condenser microphones. This means minimal distortion, balanced levels, best possible speech intelligibility. Ideal also for louder environments or tournament situations.

Everything where you need it.

The inline cable remote controls the volume and mute. The USB dongle activates the surround sound. And we made sure to place the controls so that they're always within reach.

More when you need it.

The Teufel Audio Center PC app allows you to adjust the sound, microphone, surround sound, headphone color and much more. And all that in just a few clicks because we know that in gaming every second counts.


Teufel Audio Center for ZOLA

More info on the Teufel Audio Center
Start screen


10 band equalizer


    Your favorite headset, your favorite headphones

    By simply pulling off the microphone, you can turn the headset into fully-fledged headphones in no time at all: for music or TV. No microphone boom to get in the way now.

    Your ZOLA experience

    In our video, we show you how easy it is to assemble the individual components of the ZOLA.

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    Included components

    ZOLA + Ornata + Basilisk
    • 1 × ZOLA – Light Gray
      • 1 × ZOLA connecting cable (incl. Remote Control) – Dark Gray
      • 1 × ZOLA Mic Arm – Dark Gray
      • 1 × ZOLA USB Dongle – Dark Gray
    • 1 × ZOLA Cushions (Pair) & Windscreen – Grape & Aqua
    • 1 × ZOLA Top Cover (Pair) – Grape & Aqua
    • 1 × ZOLA Set Box
    • 1 × Razer Ornata V3 – Black
    • 1 × Razer Basilisk V3 – Black


    • ZOLA

      • Description Item
        Width 17,7 cm
        Weight 330 g
        Height 19,2 cm
        Depth 9 cm
      • Description Item
        3.5mm stereo in 1
        Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
        7.1 USB sound card Yes
      • Description Item
        Android Yes
        iOS Yes
        Mac OS Yes
        Microsoft Yes
        Certified by TeamSpeak Yes
      • Description Item
        Integrated DSP Yes
        Adjustable sound settings Yes
      • Description Item
        Enclosure material Aluminium, Kunststoff
        Enclosure surface Aluminium, Kunststoff
        Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 1
        Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 40 mm
        Frequency range 10 - 20000 Hz
        Enclosure type Closed
      • Description Item
        DTS Headphone:X Yes

      Razer Ornata V3

      • Description Item
        Width 22,94 cm
        Weight 916,8 g
        Height 3,14 cm
        Depth 44,31 cm

      Razer Basilisk V3

      • Description Item
        Width 6 cm
        Weight 101 g
        Height 4,25 cm
        Depth 13 cm

      ZOLA + Ornata + Basilisk